“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” (Susan Sontag)

I am a freelance travel and nature photographer from Spain who has had the privilege of travelling around the world since 1998 collecting an extensive and hopefully strong set of images of people, places, wildlife and landscapes across seventy countries in five continents.

For me travelling is a lifelong passion for seeking adventure, discovering new places and collecting new experiences. I travel because I am curious. I am curious about people, their cultures, how others live, what they believe, and how they see us. Every trip enriches me and expands and changes me. I discover more about myself.

I also hope to make a difference through my travel photography. I want to raise awareness about the environment and human right issues in some of the countries I have visited. It is my hope that people realise that we have a beautiful world and we should protect it. For this reason, a percentage of the sales that I make through this website will go to the Australian Himalayan Foundation or to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Like many other photographers, what began as a hobby has finally turned into a profession. It all started back in 1998 when I went travelling to North America. That was an amazing experience that changed my life forever but it was during my second long trip around the Middle East that I realized that I loved travelling just as much as I loved photography. I was hooked from the first roll of film but in this trip I also realized that I had a lot to learn and that the world was such a huge and beautiful place that it would take me a considerable amount of time to travel and photograph it.

I was not quite ready to take the final step to become a travel photographer, but in May 2007 following a number of trips to Europe and three consecutive trips to India, I went travelling around the world for nearly two years in Asia, Australasia, North America and Africa.

“Everywhere is walking distance, if you have the time” (Stephen Wright)

It was during this first round the world trip, and particularly in India where I learned to watch and wait for life. All good photos start with a great journey, and journeys, open the heart, the mind and the eyes. During this fourth trip to India I got really inspired and made the decision to pursue a career as a travel photographer and follow in the footsteps of three generations of photographers in my family. Since that trip, I have been drawn back to Asia again and again, lured by its people, architecture, temples, ceremonies, festivals, its colours and smells.

Above all, I consider myself a traveller and then a photographer. I enjoy simply spending time at a beautiful location, among the local people. I believe that there are many different ways of experiencing a place and photography is one of them. Every time I travel, in every single moment, I look for possible pictures opportunities. This passion to photograph the world makes me focus on details that I was not aware of before.

Equipment and personal style

“The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest” (Kilgore Trout)

I am a perfectionist and I always strive to get the perfect shot. I aim for strong compositions, great subjects and light to capture the reality of a place. I try to stay for a long time at a location to develop a personal affinity with the place and the people and to have time to explore it in depth. I hope that people who see my work can feel the place as if they were there.

When I travel for long periods of time, I normally travel with a Nikon SLR as a medium format is too bulky and heavy. When I travel for short periods of time around Australia or New Zealand I use a 40 Megapixels medium format camera (Pentax 645D) and four prime lenses (a 50mm, 25mm, 300mm and 120mm). The equipment that I use provides superb image quality and allows me to make further improvements during digital processing.

While my primary focus when travelling is people in their natural environment, landscapes and wildlife, I also enjoy photographing other subjects like festivals, food, markets and architecture.

My approach when taking portraits is very different from photographing landscapes. In my portraits, the subject and composition are key as it is the human condition, its struggle, happiness and diversity that drives my photographic portraits.

When I photograph landscapes, my approach is the opposite from portrait photography. While the subject and the composition are important, light quality comes first. This means using a tripod, a medium format camera, a lot of planning and a bit of luck.

Landscape photography is as much a state of mind as a technical skill. Patience and dedication are as important as the right camera, lenses and tripod.

Ignacio on a desert shoot Ignacio on sand dunes Ignacio at Karijini
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