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║ Red Hot West: Karijini - The book

At last...! my Karijini book is here !!! 2000 units that can barely fit in my garage. Thanks so much to the Karijini Eco Retreat and Better Photography Magazine for supporting the production of this book and its exhibition.

In April last year, I joined Peter Eastway, Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt and in just one trip to the park I was lucky to find good light and capture great pictures to make my first photographic exhibition in Australia and my first book.

The book includes photographs of Oxer lookout, Dales gorge, Hancock gorge, Kalamina gorge, Knox gorge, Mt Bruce, Weano gorge, and some internationally awarded photographs, including Hamersley gorge waterfall.

Karijini National Park in Western Australia is one of the largest and most photogenic national parks in Australia. The park is famous for its sheer gorges, waterfalls, sparkling rock pools and cool swimming holes.This area of Australia together with the Kimberley is one of the most special places I have ever seen in my travels.

Red Hot West: Karijini - The book


  • Kinya Nippa:

    21 Mar 2017 17:48:48


    Please let me know if I still can buy your “Red Hot West Karijini” book.
    I am enjoying and admiring your images in your web site.

    Thank you,

    Kinya Nippa
    California, USA

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